"Airy's Isoblog"

2024年03月26日 (火)

The nails I ordered with some of my tax return finally arrived!

I'm really not used to wearing fake nails (or having long nails on that note), so they do feel really weird.

I decided to put on the shiny pink ones first! They are certainly longer than I expected them to be, but I think that's okay.

We'll see how in the way they end up getting...

2024年03月20日 (水)

I realized that I've hit a manic phase.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to do something productive with some of this time, but my impulse control is so messed up right now... Hopefully I can convince myself to just play games or something.

Everything feels really weird right now and I can't really focus, but I'm sure it won't last all that long all things considered. Hopefully.

I've got some days off, so maybe I'll feel better if I spend them doing something I enjoy?

2024年03月18日 (月)

I feel so tired...

It's probably going to be a fairly simple day, but I just feel very restless. Like I can't relax right now.

I slept for quite some time and ended up having stress dreams, but I did feel a little better waking up to my pets being right there with me.

I would go out and do something, but I feel kind of paranoid and anxious at the moment. It's not like I'd be out for very long if I did decide to do something and I wouldn't know what to do anyway...

But then, maybe getting in some walking would make me feel better? It is a nice day after all...

2024年03月17日 (日)

I had a fairly simple day at work! It was kind of nice, all things considered.

That being said, I did learn that my favorite manager is going to be transferred to another store in the region. It made me really sad to learn that. I've been close to her for quite some time now and I'll miss her when she leaves.

I'm hoping whoever they hire on as the newer managers are good, but I have very little faith in this place. It's gone way downhill since the last change in store managers and it's been really disheartening.

I'm hoping against hope that things will improve somehow. Or that I'll manage to find a different job somehow. Something just has to get better with the change of seasons, right?

2024年03月16日 (土)

I ended up staying up late last night getting carried away with the coding...

Not that I particularly mind right now, seeing as I have the day off. I ended up getting a little less than 6 hours of sleep on the couch.

The problem I face the most during my days off is not knowing what to do with them. I do have the opportunity to go out into town a little later if I want to, so maybe I should do that...

Oh, I just realized that my birthday is in exactly two months. I ended up taking a few days off for it, so I'm hoping I get to do something fun.

2024年03月15日 (金)

Today marks the day I created the blog!

I was honestly wondering if I would be able to do it, so I'm very happy it turned out alright. We'll see if I can keep up with it.

I'll leave off with a short post for the first one as a sort of test post.

☆ ★ This blog is updated irregularly! ★ ☆